Spotlight Topic: School Memories

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Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the grand prize winner of our previous “Winter Things” Spotlight! Congratulations to cherries11, who will receive 10,000 bonus points for posting this great poll:


Our next Spotlight topic is “School Memories” from 23rd June to 4th July. Here’s how you could win 10,000 bonus points as well:

  1. Create either a Poll or Topic on the site related to the Spotlight topic “School Memories“, and name it “Spotlight Participation” with the date
  2. For participating, you will be awarded a 500 point content bonus! Yippee!*
  3.  At the end of the respective period, The Toluna Team will choose the best piece of content and award the member the grand prize of 10,000 points

*Each member can receive a maximum of five (5) content bonuses per week in relation to the Spotlight topic. If you post more than five Spotlight polls/topics in one…

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