WordPress.com by the Numbers: The July 2013 Hot List

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When you hit “Publish” and send your work out into the world, do you stop to think about the larger ecosystem in which your blog is embedded? After all, one of the things that makes a blog a blog and not simply a website is that it’s part of a larger community and conversation.

Well, we do, so we thought we’d take a look at July by the numbers to get a sense of the scope of your creations.

Ready? You might want to sit down first — you’re an impressive bunch!

You’re prolific.

You started 1,204,432 new blogs, for an average of 38,853 a day. Tuesday, July 2nd, was the most popular day to start a new blog.

You wrote a grand total of 11,549,273,687 words in 47,231,836 posts, which racked up 4,000,863,171 pageviews.

That’s 133,672 words every single minute…

… or 20,624 copies of the English translation of War and Peace…

… or 7,537,707,792,351,330 bytes of data…

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Share Readmill Highlights to Your WordPress Site

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At WordPress.com, we love to read. We’re delighted to announce that our partner Readmill has implemented sharing to WordPress in the latest version of their iOS app, already available in the App Store. Now you can highlight passages in books and PDFs you’re reading in Readmill and share them on your WordPress.com or Jetpack-enabled WordPress.org site. Let’s walk through how it works.

First, log in to your Readmill.com account to authorize a connection to your WordPress account. In Readmill, go to Settings under your avatar. On the Settings page, click on Connections. Next to WordPress, click on the Connect button:


Enter your WordPress credentials and click on Authorize:


Choose whether to allow highlight sharing, reading sharing or both:


Now you’re ready to share favorite passages directly to your WordPress site. Highlight your passage in Readmill. On the sharing screen, select the WordPress logo, then click on…

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